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[10 Nov 2005|06:24pm]


OMG! new cuffs!

i love their print SO much, it breaks my heart to sell them, but seriously, what am i gonna do with 10 of these cuffs? click the photo to check them out or ask your questions :)
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[06 Aug 2003|08:46pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Heyyy. This community is so cool. Haha.

Too bad no one posts in it.


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my new cuff [05 Aug 2003|02:51pm]


i ordered it from goclothing.com. it took about a week to get here but it was worth it.
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intro [05 Aug 2003|02:11pm]

hey kids, this one of your mods welcoming you all to the newest fashion community on the block. it's simple really, we dont rate people, we simply post what is hott, mainly cuffs mind you. this open to discussion too, not exclusive picture posting.

have fun.
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